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About Sean

Regional Sales Manager

My name is Sean Tishler, I’m a former Captain rank in the Israeli Defense Forces. I served as an instruction/training officer for 2 years and another 1 year as the head of the training department. Through my career, I developed my robust sales method through excelling and setting industry records in multiple industries. In the army, its life or death, no time for hesitation, just as in business, timing is everything. I am here to serve, and to empower your business to take yourself to the next level.

Hi Everyone

The reason I’m writing this manual is to share my rich knowledge. I believe that following a distinct path and cycle will help you in your journey. In sales, it’s all about passion, self confidence, being determent and having structured plan. There is no distinct recipe and it’s a lot about your characters and your personality. So use my guide to add tools to your tool belt.

If you want to be like me and make over 200K per year, follow this guide. My guide is written based on true street experience. I’m here to help each and every one of you to be your best! Don’t hesitate to reach me out with any questions or feedbacks (780)-999-6138.
After you read my guide – go out there, and be the best you possibly can!

Sean Tishler

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